Going Green (www.goinggreen.es) was established in 2008 from the initiative of a group of executives with a large experience in various sectors, especially in the energy industry.Our mission is to be the leader in Electric Mobility market for consumers, companies and Governments.Our vision is to offer a global service in the field of Sustainable Mobility with the objective to contribute, in a profitable way, to develop the electric vehicle industry.Going Green is developing three business lines: electric vehicle commercialization, providing mobility solutions based on electric vehicles sharing systems and manufacturing of electric motorbikes.
Today Going Green is distributing a large type of electric vehicles through a dealership network.Currently Going Green markets a wide range of different types of electric vehicles through a network of nationwide distributors.
In 2012 we inaugurated the production plant for our highly innovative electric bike with its special features.In the field of mobility solutions, Going Green has developed a technology for monitoring and management of all types of electric vehicles. The company currently has in place several initiatives, including MOTIT: the sharing electric motorcycle services.