The time has come to upgrade and renew the fleet of your company

The Core Fleet System

The CORE uses an exclusive CORE FLEET system that send  real-time information. This system allows to control multiple parametres set by the company.


The bike comes with the standard 7” dashboard with the navigation system that will guide the user to his destination much easier.

RFID Identification

The CORE FLEET MANAGEMENT system allows individual identification for the driver, using RFID card, avoiding use of the keys. This will facilitate the sharing and maximize the occupancy.



The absence of plastic and easily damageable parts ensures the durability in the harshest environments.


The quality of the components and lithium battery allow the maximum performance of the bike. 

Unlimited autonomy

The battery of The CORE is removable so the autonomy of the bikes is not a problem. The battery can be substituted in few seconds and the bike is ready to go again.


Energy efficiency

The CORE consumption is only 0.2€/100 km which represents a saving of over 90% when compared to a similar combustion engine motorcycle.


The maintenance is restricted exclusively to the tires and brakes, increasing the productivity of the bike for a maximum availability.